Every great IC design is built on a foundation of physical IP. And that foundation directly determines the finished IC’s performance, power, area and yield.

At DXCorr, we understand the critical connection between the quality of your IC designs and the underlying physical IP. Our mission is to deliver the industry’s best IP to the world’s leading design teams.

Great IC designs are built on a foundation of great physical IP.

DXCorr’s Physical IP Products
  • Memory Generators
  • CAM Generators
  • Register File Generators
  • Standard Cell Libraries
DXCorr’s Physical Design Services
  • Soft IP Hardening
  • Custom “Kicker” Cells
  • PDK and PCell Solutions
  • Expert Design Services

We are an independent IP company that delivers carefully-crafted physical building blocks. Unlike most of our competitors, we have no other business and that allows us to dedicate our most talented engineers to providing you with better and higher performance physical IP products.

We customize each delivery so that our physical IP meets your unique needs to ensure that your designers are building on a better foundation than your competition.

Meet with us to discuss how we can provide your design teams with differentiated IP. IP that satisfies your exact performance, power and area requirements – not those of the mass market. You will be pleasantly surprised